Querida means wanted, dear, or loved. And that is just what I hope my work to be! But why the name Querida Designs? Well, it's actually my middle name.

I want the things I make to be wanted, dear, and loved. I create with function in mind, but I also love creating new prints and patterns in all methods. Lately it’s often through the medium of block printing, but I also dabble in dyeing techniques, and pretty much every other textile/fiber art under the sun. I strive to create high quality items that can be well used, but are also pieces of art.

I sincerely appreciate every single sale that you make possible, whether it’s here online or in-person at a pop-up. It is hard work but there is always something so special about seeing someone use one of my bags or wristlets or wearing a shirt that I printed with my own two hands. It’s one of the coolest parts of life – to create something that someone else so appreciates and uses in their day-to-day life, it never gets old. So, thank you for making all of this possible, 12-year-old me who was making thread jams in her moms sewing machine in the basement couldn’t imagine the day when people bought the things she made.

-Rachel Q. Stine